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The JOY Box


Home + Soul Box Description

Each element within this carefully curated Home + Soul box emanates from a palette of premium natural ingredients, harmoniously converging to create a healing olfactory symphony.

This exclusive collection of exquisitely scented products transcends the ordinary; it serves not only to purify your living space but also as a conduit to summon the unbridled JOY inherent in the essence of Christmas. Moreover, these fragrant offerings are imbued with the profound potential to instill a sense of solace and restoration to the depths of your soul.

  • Forest bathe your home with Mists of Heaven. A room + linen fragrance. 
  • Purify your space + infuse your soul with Hymns of Joy. An infused tallow + beeswax candle.
  • Transform your bathroom into a spa sanctuary with the Cedarwood Soap Tray.

Body + Soul Box Description 

In this artfully assembled Body + Soul collection, each piece is thoughtfully curated from a rich palette of premium natural ingredients. They elegantly intertwine to create a healing olfactory symphony and embody the luxurious essence of a truly indulgent skincare ritual.

Within this exclusive compilation of delicately scented treasures, we traverse beyond the mundane, crafting more than mere self-care. It becomes a tender offering to honour not only the divine vessel enveloping your essence but also a pathway to unveil the boundless JOY intertwined with the spirit of Christmas. Each fragrant creation is more than a simple scent; it is an herbal infusion designed with profound alchemy, embracing the power to not only captivate your senses but also tenderly restore and rejuvenate the very essence of your soul.

  • Hydrate your lips with Golden Cleo. A Ghee-based hydrating Lip Glaze. 
  • Mist your face with Transcending Dew, a holistic blend of botanical waters. 
  • Rejuvenate your soul with Minty Goodness, a game changer. Our all-in-one healing and beauty balm. 
  • Renew your spirit, soul + body with delicately scented JOY body butter.

Home + Soul is a fragrance lover’s dream with the following items:

Mists of Heaven - a room + linen fragrance, harmoniously fused from botanicals gathered across various Canadian woodlands. This thoughtfully curated piece is artfully designed to transport you to the nostalgic embrace of a wintry forest stroll, where freshly fallen snow graces the land, nature’s beauty covers all, and the air is remarkably still and peaceful.

Infused with whimsical notes of Fraser fir, pine, spruce, cedar, and juniper, this luxurious elixir envelops your home and soul with the rich fragrance of the quintessential Christmas tree.

As it permeates the space, it purifies, revitalizes, and energizes, creating an ambiance that is truly captivating. Housed in an exquisite violet glass vessel, this spray transcends its purpose and doubles as a tasteful decor piece, adding a touch of elegance.

Hymns of Joy - an infused Tallow + Beeswax crackling candle. Precious gifts brought by the Magi to baby Jesus, Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh are three key elements of the Christmas story. Gold was given as a symbol of his royalty; Frankincense as a representation of Jesus’ deity; Myrrh, a foreshadowing of His death.

This tallow-beeswax candle comes in a rich golden colour and is infused with real Frankincense and Myrrh resins in honour of The Saviour’s Birth.

This composition opens with a burst of invigorating peppermint notes, creating an immediate sense of refreshment and anticipation. As the heart notes of elemi gracefully surface, the scent evolves into a mystical and subtly citrusy symphony, adding depth and allure to the olfactory experience. However, it's the base notes of frankincense and myrrh that truly define this candle's essence. They intricately weave a timeless tapestry, infusing your space with their warm, resinous, and subtly smoky nuances.

Thoughtfully handcrafted, this candle is designed to bring a unique blend of freshness and mystique into your home, invoking a sense of sacredness and spiritual depth for your soul.

The Hymns of Joy candle lives up to its name, as it not only fills your home with an alluring and unforgettable aroma but also inspires you to burst into a song of joy.

The candle is housed in an artisan-made enamelled stoneware that was sourced from Tunisia. It’s a gorgeous, but simple piece that adds to the multi-sensory experience of burning the candle. Once the candle is consumed, it is a unique espresso tumbler that’s completely free of toxic heavy metals.

Custom-designed matchbox with an art piece inspired by the Christmas story — an accompaniment to the candle,

Cedarwood Soap/Lotion Bar Tray - a beautiful and practical addition to any kitchen, shower and bathroom. Crafted from natural cedar, cherished for its calming scent, reminiscent of a spa, this tray is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Its natural resistance to mildew, mould, rot, and warping ensures durability, while the efficient water drainage feature prevents soap from becoming slimy, extending its lifespan.

Transcending Dew – a face mist composed to evoke sacred moments of peace. To carry the full weight of its name, this graceful elixir transcends the mundane, offering beyond mere hydration. It is a thoughtful fusion of botanical wonders that nourish and refresh, elevating your skincare routine to a soulful experience.

Peace be still.

Each bottle contains the essence of organically grown Peppermint, Lavender, and Linden botanical waters, working harmoniously to
deeply renew your glow and awaken your soul.

Transcending Dew is your invitation to experience the simple joys of soul care, every spritz is a natural embrace for your skin and a peaceful envelope for your soul.

Encased in an exquisite violet glass vessel that adds a visual touch of elegance to your intimate space.

  • The JOY Box comes beautifully packaged in a high quality, gold and green gift box, sealed with a gold bow and ready to WOW your recipient.
  • Crafted from rare treasures, the Joy Box is a limited collection, with only 50 of each box available for sale. Individual products from the Joy Box are exclusively sold as part of the collection.
  • Bundle + Save. Discount is automatically applied to the cart if you purchase multiple Joy boxes.
  • Free + Expedited Worldwide Shipping on all orders.

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