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What is Tallow + Why I use it as the foundation for all my products?

What is Tallow + Why I use it as the foundation for all my products?

Beef Tallow is purified beef fat. Though the thought of nourishing your skin with beef fat can seem revolting - please hear me out! 

No! It does not smell like a cow, quite the opposite, I would describe it as a clean, sweet, caramelized smell. Beef Tallow, when rendered (to render means to purify) carefully, is a beautiful golden oil that’s very shelf stable with no cow odours left. It smells delicious!

No! It is not the floppy-looking fat you trim off your meats I am talking about here. The beef fat I am referring to is called Kidney Fat, also known as Leaf Fat. This is the raw, hard fat that protects the kidney of a healthy cow. A healthy cow in my dictionary is one that has been humanely raised and fed naturally as God intended. The fat I use is slowly rendered by my team and I to preserve its properties, from local Ontario cows that have been fed grass all their lives (grass-fed + finished).

No! This is not a fad. Using beef fat for skin care is an age-old tradition as truly, there is nothing new under the sun. Why then haven’t you ever heard of Tallow? Blame modernization and industrialization. Rendering beef tallow is such a skill that can not be mimicked in mass productions. Since companies engage in mass production for their profits, skillfully rendering tallow was not on the agenda of such companies. It is more profitable to feed the ‘masses’ using cheap alternatives like vegetable oils and even more profitable to mass-produce skincare products using lab-made chemicals. Now that we know + are awakened to the dangers of commercialization, it is time for us to get back to the basics.   

Why use it on the skin?

Tallow is a wholesome and natural skin food that is prized for its many beneficial nutrients, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. Since our skin, being an organ, will absorb what we put on it, it makes sense that if something is good for us when consumed then it will be even better for us when we nourish our skin with the said food. This is the case with Beef Tallow. Here are some reasons why I wholly trust in tallow:

  • It is an intense moisturizer that penetrates beyond the outer surface of our skin. Research shows that both Tallow and our skin sebum, share an identical composition. Sebum is the oil naturally produced by our bodies, designed to moisturize, lubricate, and protect our skin. This unique similarity means that our skin easily absorbs tallow to provide moisture without clogging our pores. Fun Fact: The Latin translation of Tallow is sebum
  • The Vitamin A in beef tallow helps minimize fine lines + wrinkles by encouraging collagen production. Collagen is a vital protein that gives us that ‘youthful glow’. Our bodies naturally produce collagen, however, the production declines as we age.      
  • Its antimicrobial + anti-inflammatory properties make it the best ingredient for acne-prone skin. Tallow helps with preventing breakouts and healing the skin issues caused by acne, such as hyperpigmentation + scarring. It also fights acne by shedding away the dead skin cells that cause acne.
  • The Vitamin D in beef tallow helps fight inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema and helps protect the skin from free radicals that cause premature aging.
  • The Vitamin E in beef tallow is a powerful antioxidant that helps reverse the effects of sun damage. It heals and repairs our skin from environmental damage.
  • The Vitamin K in beef tallow improves our skin elasticity, helps fade dark spots + makes for a great under-eye cream.

SUMMARY: Try it for yourself and experience the wonders of our products.

How do you use it?

Our products can last long as a little can go a long way. Our products are potent, rich and packed with nourishing skin goodness. How long it lasts depends on your usage, however, I personally do not mince nor spear my body such goodness. I use it generously to nourish my family – our bodies, face, lips, hands, + hair, bruises, eczema...all over really

Pretty much, use tallow for any and everything except don’t eat it. I repeat, do not eat. Although each ingredient on its own can be eaten, when whipped together, does not taste great!

Start with a small amount and keep increasing as needed till you feel greasy. Once you start feeling greasy, it means you are using too much.

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