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Truths, Principles + Approach

My Skin Health Truths

The following are my Skin Health truths, which have been the building blocks for my creations on this shop:

  • Here at Mààlú Tallow Co., perfect skin is never our goal, although that is achievable and desirable, a well-nourished skin, however, is the goal.
  • I wholeheartedly believe that there is no one solution to a perfect, flawless, and healthy skin. I believe the key to achieving a healthy skin is a wholistic approach to our health…A healthy body, mind, and soul connection:
    • For the Body – our environment + toxic load, our skincare products (deodorants, face + body lotions), the foods we eat, our lifestyle + daily choices. My skin breaks out when I make poor food choices and don’t apply my daily cleanse routine.
    • For the Soul – our stress levels and what we feed our brains (what we look at or listen to). My skin breaks out when I am stretched too lean, stressed, and don’t sleep well (especially with an 8-month-old on my hips)
    • For the Spirit – our spirituality. What + Who do we believe in? What is Truth? How does what we believe bring us peace? Are we living a life worthy of our callings? My skin breaks out when I feel overwhelmed and out of sync with The Holy Spirit.
    • Avoiding and eliminating ALL things PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids) by any means necessary. If you’re well-versed on this PUFA pandemic, as I like to call it, then you know to steer clear. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, please read more here.

    My Sourcing Principles

    I truly believe that to create an exceptional product that delivers on quality and value, one must be mindful of where and how each ingredient/raw material is made. Modelling the Slow Business approach, I am mindful of the earth, its people, and the natural resources available to us.

    Mààlú Tallow Co. is committed to offering premium quality products made with care and intentionality for our customers, our environment, and our people. We carefully source every component of our production process, replacing short-term profit goals with a long-term, sustainable, and profitable perspective. Below is a summary on how we source our raw materials:

    • Tallow – always sourced from small-scale local Ontario farmers. Always from pasture-raised beef suet.
    • Botanicals – either in the form of whole plant, herb, or essential oils, must either be wild harvested or organically grown + ethically harvested. Some of the plants and herbs I use are sourced directly from local Ontario farmers who place emphasis on slow food. The rest of the botanicals used are sourced from wholesalers who harvest the plants ethically from their place of origin.
      • Oils + Butters – always sourced from their place of origin. Always virgin, unrefined, and organically grown.
      • Beeswax + Honey – locally sourced directly from a local Ontario beekeeper.
      • Packaging – I always use high quality glass jars, sourced from manufacturers within North America or paper packages where applicable, sourced from a local wholesaler.

    My Sustainability Approach

    The term ‘sustainability’ is very much greenwashed today, so much so, that it holds little to no value any longer. However, when considered carefully, I believe business should be conducted sustainably. Below are ways I approach ‘sustainability’ here at Mààlú Tallow Co.

    • Using local Ontario pasture-raised beef suet + lard
    • Mindfully sourcing raw materials
    • Building a sustainable business utilizing the Slow Business approach
    • Implementing the zero-waste policy
    • Investing in quality and eco-friendly packaging
    • Handcrafting and utilizing small-batch processes
    For a deeper dive in on Mààlú Tallow Co. + Sustainability, please read this journal post.

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