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Tallow + Botanicals

What is Tallow?

Beef Tallow is purified beef fat. Though the thought of nourishing your skin with beef fat can seem revolting - please hear me out! 

No! It does not smell like a cow, quite the opposite, I would describe it as a clean, sweet, caramelized smell. Beef Tallow, when rendered (to render means to purify) carefully, is a beautiful golden oil that’s very shelf stable with no cow odours left. It smells delicious!

No! It is not the floppy-looking fat you trim off your meats I am talking about here. The beef fat I am referring to is called Kidney Fat, also known as Leaf Fat. This is the raw, hard fat that protects the kidney of a healthy cow. A healthy cow in my dictionary is one that has been humanely raised and fed naturally as God intended. The fat I use is slowly rendered by my team and I to preserve its properties, from local Ontario cows that have been fed grass all their lives (grass-fed + finished).

No! This is not a fad. Using beef fat for skin care is an age-old tradition as truly, there is nothing new under the sun. Why then haven’t you ever heard of Tallow? Blame modernization and industrialization. Rendering beef tallow is a skill that can not be mimicked in mass production. Since companies engage in mass production for their profits, skillfully rendering tallow was not on the agenda of such companies. It is more profitable to feed the ‘masses’ using cheap alternatives like vegetable oils and even more profitable to mass-produce skincare products using lab-made chemicals. Now that we know + are awakened to the dangers of commercialization, it is time for us to get back to the basics.  

What are Botanicals?

Nature’s Apothecary, the Garden was created by God for our good and for His glory. God knew what He was doing when He put man in the Garden and said He had given them every plant yielding seed on the surface of the earth as food. There is sustainment, nourishment, and healing in plants.

Plants are food to fuel us + medicine to heal us. When used right, they have the power to positively affect our minds, moods, and emotions. They are nutrient-dense, wholesome, and regenerating. They are also high in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids needed for whole-body nourishment. Because they were given to us by God, we are going back to the basics.

I strongly believe in the powerful synergies that are realized when we combine wholesome plant extracts with animal fats. This is why I use botanicals in all my formulations, not only for their sweet captivating scents.

Botanicals are extracts from various parts of a plant, such as the flowers, roots, bark, kernels, and leaves. Each carrying its own unique healing properties. They are very potent and promote holistic health and wellness.

There is nothing new about plant-based medicine. It is how our forefathers maintained healthy bodies and minds, it is how they protected and cured themselves from diseases generations ago.

To learn more about Tallow + why I use it as the foundation for all my products, please read this journal post.

To learn more about Botanicals + why I use them in my products, please read this journal post.

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