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5 Important Things You Need to Know About Me

5 Important Things You Need to Know About Me

For long now, I have felt the tug on my heart to at some point in my life, be able to show up as my true self. Withholding nothing! To be able to show up in honesty + truth, not hiding who I really am by keeping my work identity separate from who I am amongst my family and friends. I’ve always wanted to be the same person, regardless of where I was, either at home or at work. To be able to share my opinions without fear of judgement. Which is why I started Mààlú Tallow Co., it allows me the opportunity to merge all my identities. I’m graced with the freedom to be able to show up as I couldn’t when working in the corporate world.

  1. I am a lover of Christ (He truly has become my magnificent obsession), a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend…The Bible is the very foundation on which I’m building my life, including this shop. Hence, you will notice that every product here is created to bear the meaning of its name, connecting to, and referencing the Bible with each blend. It is therefore my prayer that this resonates with you, each product blesses you and that you experience the full weight of the intention behind each product.
  2. I am Nigerian Canadian from the tribe of the Yorubas. My business name, Mààlú Tallow Co., was chosen to pay homage to my roots. Pronounced maah-loo, it simply means cow in my mother-tongue. Here, on my shop, you’ll see me write and reference my language, with interpretations, of course.
  3. I have adopted a lifestyle that fully embraces the nourishing traditions of my heritage as I realize that my ancestors lived long, healthy, and vibrant lives. Through these life shifts, delicious, gelatinous, and richly flavoured bone broths and healthy animal fats have become a part of my diet. Since I couldn’t find such products on the market, my hubs and I started a food company, Natritional Wellness Co., to bring you such nourishing whole foods. Hence, the Beef Tallow used here is produced in small batches and hand-rendered by my staff and I at Natritional, using my forefathers' slow and traditional techniques. Please come find us here if you are in the market for such foods.
  4. I am a professionally trained accountant who just so happens to stumble into the world of entrepreneurship. I absolutely love accounting and until recently, couldn’t think of any other profession for me. I’m currently working on becoming a Nutritionist + Herbalist. That said, I am also very passionate about the real and natural food movement, wellness, and all things holistic living. I run a small accounting firm, own a food company and now, this shop!
  5. I grew up in a home of 4 girls, including my mum, my dad being the only male. Ironically, as a grown adult, I am now the only girl in my home. I’m blessed with the best husband, who patiently bears with me as we navigate these busy seasons, and we so far have 2 boys who are the CEO and CFO of our ministry.

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